Saturday, June 16, 2007

A lot can happen at the Daytime Emmy Awards

It's already 10:00am and any ambition I had for hitting the streets early in order to wrap up my Saturday yard work before sundown must have hit the snooze button, rolled over, and slept in.

Just like I did.

But forget that, I don't want to talk about yard stuff when I have something genuinely interesting going on at work. Okay, "genuinely interesting" is a relative term, but it sounds more compelling than "more interesting than all the boring training crap I've been doing for the better part of this year!"

Not that I'm bitter. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.

Enough with the venting. Hey, so anyway, I went to the Daytime Emmy Awards yesterday-- oops, I mean I covered the Daytime Emmy Awards. Big difference.

If I went to the Daytime Emmy Awards, then I'd be hanging out with celebrities like Vivica A. Fox and Ellen Degeneres (no shots of Ellen because they came out really shakey).

Instead of hanging out, I just got to see the celebs when they came backstage to the press room. Want to know how many times Paris Hilton questions were asked?

I don't know. I stopped counting.

Hey, he's also not pictured, but I saw Bob Barker in the hallway outside of the press room. Rats, no time to snap his picture but let me tell you, he was looking kind of Hugh Hefner"ish" with his Barker's Beauties entourage.

My one moment of actual work during the whole backstage thing came when the edit system trainee I'd been working with this week called. She needed some help getting past a problem. I had to troubleshoot over the phone in a noisey crowded hallway. Lots of entertainment industry women in low cut evening gowns were walking by and. . .Hollywood cleavage. . .making it. . .difficult. . .to concentrate--

With some effort, I was able to get the trainee past the rough spot and she got her reporter on TV with their story. I often tell people that's what we do. For me it's a simple thing that is a humongus part of the job. We put people on TV.

I'm glad I was able to help make it happen for that particular liveshot. It almost didn't happen for the assignment I was actually working on.

Man, for a pretty mellow evening, it started turning sour and the "f-bombs" were flying everywhere. At 10:30pm we couldn't get a good microwave signal from one of our favorite Hollywood Boulevard liveshot locations.

Quick technical point- If we've been able to establish the microwave link from a particular location in the past it's usually a slam dunk to repeat that link in the future. News photographers are sometimes creatures of habit. We like to go live from locations we trust.

We thought that's what we were doing, but weather conditions can affect the quality of a microwave signal. It sure as heck did last night.

We moved three times and finally landed down the boulevard nearly a mile away from the event location.

Other than one Marilyn Monroe subway grating moment, we made slot with no futher difficulties. (Sorry. I'm telling you the updraft wasn't that strong when I checked it.)

Whoa, I better wrap this up and get to the yard. Remind me to tell you later about the bacon wrapped hot dog I had from a street vendor.

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