Thursday, June 28, 2007

Launch the chopper, she's on the move

I've got all of three minutes left to post before I begin my shift this morning. I'm typing frantically in the cafeteria at work.

Yeah, I would've had a few extra minutes to write, but I like the corned beef hash and poached eggs they serve.

It wasn't me in the helicopter yesterday, but it could have been. I was out coaching in an Aurora truck and the story involved a photographer taking a spin over the Altadena area.

Both of us have been there and done that as helicopter photographers for our station. So, while it might be a fun little experience if you've never been up in a helicopter, neither of us needed to be the photog to go.

The helicopter was on duty, so we decided it made more sense for him to go. I could always get started on the editing if something happened and the helicopter had go assist somewhere. If I went up and help was needed on the edit system, that might be a little difficult.

This is as far as I got before work. I picked it up again around midnight.

Plus, the freaking helicopter didn't have a door on the passenger side.

It all worked out. We cut a package anddid a live shot, then started work on a straight package for the later shows. Then the day went a little sour. Courtesy of Paris Hilton.

We got sent over to the CNN building on Sunset. YAY! To stand in the sun. YAY! To wait for Paris Hilton to show up. YAY!

I don't really mean, YAY! I have a passive agressive thing going on right now.

Shucks, I can't complain really. Other photogs were standing next to their tripods out in the sun when we got there and they'd been out there a while.

We get asked a lot of the same questions when people find out we're covering Paris Hilton.

"Why are you here?"

It doesn't take a lot of explaining. I'm there because it's not my choice in what story I cover. I cover the story I'm assigned.

Also, they pay me to be there.

I've said it before. If they weren't paying me, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't show up.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Frank

Love reading you blog.

You talk a lot about training folks on the "Aurora truck". Could you post a little more on what an Aurora truck is.


Way up north

beFrank said...

anonymous - I've talked about it quite a bit over the last several months, but I'll try to give a brief recap over the weekend.