Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Train, train, train. . .

I might as well have baked another cake for all the news action I got on Monday. Hanging out for a minute down at Unit #19 (from left to right) are Reporter Jennifer Sabih, Photographer Dolores Gillham and Photographer Francisco Alferez. Dolores wasn't actually hanging out. She was the trainee of the day.

She did really well.

It's been at least two months since her last training day with me, but I'm hoping to get her out in the field with a reporter tonight. Am I trying to rush things in the hopes of getting more time out in the field myself?

Gosh, why would you think that?


Anonymous said...

I lost something somewhere. What are you training for? Her? Does she not know how to report? Thanks

beFrank said...

Hey, where have you been? I've been one of a handful of our news photographers training people on our new Aurora Edit system.

That's been my work life on and off for about four months