Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Boom goes the liveshot!

Just a few random thoughts and pictures from the 4th of July. I've got half a second to spare and barring any (more) unfortunate technical mishap, all systems are go and we should soon be on the air.

Our start time was noon, but I showed up early to make sure everything was in order for my day in the hot seat on Thursday.

Yeah. I'm acting Chief again. This is the first time in the hot seat since we moved to the new station and I'm looking forward to a uneventful day.

Yeah, but that's tomorrow. Today there was only one major problem and--

Whoops, just stepped away for a minute to work on an audio IFB problem. It's been a long week, I'll explain IFB some other time.

The order of events on the biggest problem we had went something like this:

Bryan: I've got an interview to shoot. Everything good here?

Marvin (mellow): Yeah. We're all good.

Thirty minutes later.

Bryan: Marvin, what's wrong?

Marvin (controlled panic): I accidentally pulled a ribbon cable from the back of the switcher. We might be in trouble.

I'm thinking, hmmm. We?

Marvin was able to fix the problem with a work around, but I'll have to remember that look on his face.

These legs belong to a man who shall remain nameless. He knows who he is.

I need to get back to work now. The fireworks have started and everything is running fine. It should only be a matter of minutes before things start really going wrong.

Happy 4th and wish us luck.


gemmak said...

I seem to be having a prob. with Halo but I just popped by to say 'hi' hi :o)

beFrank said...

gemmak - Always nice to hear from friends. I try to make the rounds (lurking), but I never have nearly enough time to leave comments.

You and magz and all my original blogger friends are often in my thoughts.

Florian said...

BeFrank - I did miss the opportunity for 4th-of-July-wishes, still had to tell you this: Last weekend while on the road I thought about what a shame it is that none of my friends are regular bloggers, but that I can totally rely on you to give me at least one "unread item" in the "personal blogs" folder of my newsreader. Your work on this blog is a continuous source of joy for me, and I highly appreciate that you take so much time and effort to have others a glimpse of what moves you.