Friday, July 13, 2007

The Flying Doctors of Mercy

Sounds like an improv group.

They're not.

It's a charitable organization that provides medical care to those in need. This weekend Dellis and I are volunteering our time to help at one of their clinics.

The clinic is in Tijuana. Yup, the Mexico one.

We're sitting in our car in Otay Mesa waiting for the group to arrive. I think this should be interesting.

I'll keep you posted.
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Anonymous said...

Dear J. Bruce Camino, AIA
President at Santa Ana, CA

Dear Flying Doctors Of Mercy

My name is Beatríz López. I live in Tijuana, Baja California, a mexican city which borders with the american city of San Diego.
On or about the month of January 2008, the XIX Baja California Congress started sessions.
One of Its youngest Congressmen, Diputee Jaime Chris López Alvarado, was pronunced President of the chairman of Binational Matters.
Taking advantage of this priviledged possiton, Chris López somehow or another, contacts Flying Doctors Of Mercy through a Doctor named Arturo Flores Procel, the Tijuana chairman emailed at
More less since that time Flying Doctors Of Mercy begin to provide medical aid at Chris López political headquearters located at No. 521 Avenida Mártires de Chicago Street, Colonia Obrera, here in Tijuana. Since I belong to Chris López´ political party I begin to attend the medical aid. I was given free consultation and free medicine. AN EXCELLENT MEDICINE THAT, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 3 YEARS, gives me a real sense of health and lifts me from an ongoing bed-stay as I had been living almost without blood’pressure.
The exact medicine I was given is enclosed along with this email as an attachment.
However, I assume [no guarantee] that because I went into a radio-argument with Diputee Jaime Chris López´ intimate friend: Senator Castro Trenti, I was severely punished and, more less for the last 4 or 3 months, I have been deprived from medical consulation and from the sole medication that has put me ALMOST back to work –since my blood pressure is still all messed-up-.
Doctor Arturo Flores Procel does calls me for consultation, however, once I reach the very far away Chris López headquearters, he cancells without previous warning. As a result,I am also left without the medicine.
I am desperate as I have only medicine left for less than a week. I have no mexican medical insurance; But even if I had it doesn´t make any difference as, at the time I ran into Flying Doctors Of Mercy, my mexican doctors had changed me about 5 times the medication for it made absolutely no impact on my and only gave me a lot of severe side-effects.
Please help!. Please talk Doctor Arturo Flores Procel into making his consultation schedule a serious matter. Please also investigate if he is getting some "under the table" orders from Diputee Jaime Chris López´ political friend Senator Castro Trenti. But, more than anything else, PLEASE MAKE ALL WHAT IS IN YOUR HANDS TO MAKE SURE THAT THE MEDICINE REACHES MY HANDS, as only about 3 days after I am completely deprived from this medication I always go without blood’pressure back to bed!.
Please!, I don´t want to go back to the mexican poisson I have been taking for the past years!. If the costs of the medicine is what´s causing that Doctor Arturo Flores Procel has been leaving me without medicine, PLEASE TALK WITH ME!, and see if we can fix along with Diputee Jaime Chris López Alvarado´s Binational Matters political resource a way to look for my mexican relatives who live somewhere at Escondido, California, and have them cover for Flying Doctors Of Mercy the cost of this medication and any other medication that I know I need to completely put my blood’pressure under control.
As for Diputee Jaime Chris López Alvarado, as I write this letter he is mad as hell at me for I have brought this matter to the attention of the Comptroller of The XIX Baja California Congress. However, I don´t mean to harm anybody; But I myself can´t be left in the borderline of life and death.
Thank You for caring.
I have an american mailing address, however I lack a legal way to enter The USA.

Yours Truly,
Beatríz López
664 E. San Ysidro Boulevard
San Ysidro, CA 92173

Anonymous said...

Hi!Monday July the 21th, 2008. HI!, This is Beatríz López, the Tijuana gal´ with an update from ″Flying Doctors Of Mercy″´s Doctor Arturo Flores Procel. Guess what, this past Friday July the 18th, 2008, I was called to consultation at Congressmen, Depute Jaime Chris López Alvarado´s headquarters at Colonia Obrera. There, his personal Secretary, a gentleman named Memo, told me that THIS WAS THE LAST MEDICATION THEY WERE GIVING ME, ENOUGH TO COVER FOR TWO MONTHS IF I OVER STRECHED THE MEDICATION I NEED FOR MY SURVIVAL TAKING IT ONE THIRD DAY, AS I DIDN´T BELONG TO THE POLITICAL NEIGHBORHOOD OF Depute Jaime Chris López Alvarado POLITRICAL DISTRICT!. Now…snap!, go away!, get lost!.
Hasta la vista, mi pequeña rata, because we don´t give a damn if you live or die, although we know as a fact that you´ve always given our political party your vote.
But…hey, wait a minute!, when your boss went to the radio station LA TREMENDA AM where I called and he volunteered me the medication, he made absolutely no discrimination to where I was living at here in Tijuana. Apparently all he cared for was for my health and the fact that I am a low income woman without husband and a job!.
So, how in the hell You want me to over stretch the medication at the sake of my very own survival?.
All I got for a response from MEMO was that he has known Doctor Arturo Flores Procel for years, that he is a man of honor and that I can go fix my health problem somewhere else.