Monday, August 06, 2007

Catching up

Let me get this straight. This thing you call a vacation is something normal people take to get away from their worries and cares? I should take a vacation to recharge my batteries and relax so that I can go back to work and be ready to face anything that happens in the world of news?

Wouldn't it be easier just to send my on a good assignment and let me live off the caffeinated fueled adrenaline rush until the next major story breaks?

What? It's the law? Really?

Okay, I'm officially on vacation. The house, bird and dog are all being sat and the travel arrangements are set. Everybody has a passport and the plane will begin boarding shortly.

I'm reading two of these on the plane unless there's beer. If I have a beer on the flight, that's going to cut down my available reading time (but will increase my nap time substantially).

Here's a "life in news tid-bit" for you. When I travel for the job, I often pass on the in-flight cocktail because I know I'll be working when I reach my destination.

Heh-heh, pass me a Red Stripe. I'm on my time.

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Surfsister said...

Bukowski? Good choice!!