Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pass the Roti.

Well, hello.

It's difficult to believe (but not totally unexpected) that there are places where internet access is hard to come by.  I would have been more skeptical before this past week, but I guess I've just been spoiled.

Now I've gone the opposite route and lived with very little net access and I find I'm now spoiled in other ways.

My family and I have been on the Southern edge of Trinidad since Tuesday.  We've been in a very rural area.  I'll be honest, I could have worked the available dial-up connection a little harder or I could have pushed for being dropped off in town to spend time at an internet cafe (they have them, but Starbucks doesn't exist here by the way).

Either of those options would have put me in the position of abusing the hospitality of my wife's very gracious relatives.  I found it easy to just let it go.

If I had spent my time on a computer, I might have missed something.

It's a small island, but for all the driving and sightseeing that we accomplished, we still barely scratched the surface.  My education in all things "Trini" is very sadly incomplete.

So sorry, I'll be leaving in a few hours.

Still, I'm very lucky in that I had a good taste of Trinidad.  I know what "Doubles" and "Bake and Shark" are.  I've had a Carib, Stag and a ginger beer.

I like the Carib better than the Stag and I think the ginger beer is just sadly misleading.

It touches my heart to also know the rustle of the tall grass blowing in the breeze after a light rain.  I can tell you what it sounds like (paper actually), but it really doesn't paint the whole picture.  You need a cold beer in warm humid air accompanied by the scent of sweet ripe mangoes.  You need to be driving faster than seems safe on the left side of a too narrow road.  You need to hear the faint distinct sound of steel drums playing in the background nearly everywhere.

Even then, with all of that, you'd still be missing the best part.

Living the experience for yourself.

With a little (Frank) luck, I'll be home later tonight.  Come and check me out, I took a few pictures.

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Herdingcats said...

It looks very similar to some places in Mexico or Florida. The slower pace of life and the fact that people take the time to look in other peoples' eyes is what I admire most about such cultures. They seem to have priorities a bit straighter in many ways.