Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Spectre of Phil

Monday morning found me, roughed me up and dumped me in the hot seat at work for a week of a little game show we like to call, "Sitting in for the Chief".

Yeah, back from vacation and putting on my manager hat so my boss and his second in command could both squeeze in their own vacations.  Don't know how relaxing that can be for either of them to know that I'm sitting in the big chair, but as always, if they don't come back to a smoking hole in the ground I'll call it a good week.

Yeah, this is what I have in mind as a worst case scenario.

I took this shot while downtown.  It was a standard management day at the office, but I "managed" to get out in the field for a minute to check on our gear up on the 12th floor of the criminal courts building.

A verdict in the Phil Spectre trial is an expected possibility this week.  That's going to be a pretty huge news story either way it goes for Phil and we want to be ready.

Somewhat unrelated, but over to the left, this is the progress being made on the new LAPD headquarters (also as seen from the 12th floor media room).  I shot a couple of pictures a few months back during the early days of the trial.

I'm glad to see they tightened up the mess of cables that had been spaghettied together.  Guess what, it works fine just the way it is and honestly?

I'd be a little afraid to touch it.

Also unrelated to the Phil Spector trial, this was a roadside mango stand in Trinidad.  I'm eager to get a few more vacation photos posted, but I'm playing catchup for the time spent out of town and I'm still trying to get them organized.

Dellis' cousin was concerned that I was taking too many shots of the poorer aspects of Trinidad.  That might be true, but I wouldn't want anyone to get the idea that this was all there was to the country.

There's more, but you'll have to take my word for it.

Got to wrap it up for tonight.  I have another big management day tomorrow.

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A.man.I said...

Bryan I like the changes to your site. I'm probably going rework mine soon as well. Are you a NABJ member? I just got back from the conference in Vegas, and covered as much as I could for www.myurbanreport.com. I'm not a photog, but I act like one! I'd appreciate your feedback. PEACE!!