Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Better Life

It's already Tuesday and I'm still trying to catch up on the bits and pieces of life that I've been savoring (or chewing on) for the past few days. I don't need to go into every little detail, just the cool stuff that I'd maybe like to write about.

Yay, for the good fun stuff.

Saturday was awesome.

It might seem odd that I've been to the Hollywood Bowl maybe a dozen times, but I've never attended any events there. I've been backstage and inside the dressing rooms and I've sat in the good box seats up front near the edge of the orchestra pit.

That all sounds pretty good, but I never got to stay for a full performance. Before last Saturday, I'd only been to the bowl to cover events for the news.

Yeah, I know how you're supposed to go out and smell the roses and appreciate the things available to you. The kids are grown and it's time to live the lives we always wanted to live.

We try. (sigh) We really do try.

Even without the childcare concerns, we still have to work for a living. We still have to maintain the life we have. We have to take care of our "stuff".

That keeps us busy. Even if in the long run it works in our favor, it does lead us into patterns. Slowly over time even the interesting and different can become typical and kind of run of the mill.


Scott and Kimberly Mackie were nice enough to invite Dellis and myself out to the Hollywood Bowl for an LA Philharmonic performance.

The performance featured music by Tchaikovsky conducted by Thomas Wilkins. Yup, that didn't mean much to me before the performance either, but I have a decent appreciation for classical music and I know 1812 Overture equals cannons.

Add the prospect of a nice picnic dinner and an opportunity to share a bottle of wine under the stars on a warm summer night and you've pretty much got my definition of the better life.

We had all that and some nice impressive fireworks for the finale.

Sure, I could be a little biased, but I admire the way Scott and Kimberly live. They travel to exotic places and seem to approach life in a way that shows an appreciation for art, music and friendship.

It's really cool that they're brave enough to bring us along for part of the ride.

I look forward to having the opportunity to return the favor.

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