Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crazy Motherf***er at OJ Simpson Press Conference

Pardon the language, but that was the original title of the clip as posted on YouTube.

I'll be honest. I rarely post video, but the title caught me off guard. I saw this guy before OJ's court appearance and even snapped a couple of still shots of him.

He seemed pretty harmless at the time, but I was sitting in the satellite truck and watched him cut up through almost all of the presser.

Part of me would like to see him not be allowed to turn the situation into more of a circus. It's bad enough with all the media coverage.

Heck, but then part of me kind of wants to see what he's gonna do next time.


Kenny said...

Were you involved in any of the OJ coverage backin 95-9?. If so could you talk about some of the similarities and some of the differences. Size of the media etc.

beFrank said...

kenny - I was working in Bakersfield during the criminal trial, but I was on the street outside the court the day of the verdict covering it for my station.

By the time the civil case was over, I was working in Los Angeles and I was again outside the court (in Santa Monica) when the verdicts came in. It would be nice to revisit those days. I promise to post about what I remember soon.

EL-GUAPO said...

I predict that this OJ fiasco is going to trump the previous OJ trial AND the Michael Jackson trial. The crazy OJ'07 fan is just the beginning...

Anonymous said...

That gut was hilarious! I think that the media (I'm part of it too)deserves this kind of behavior when we go so over the top with our coverage ourselves.

beFrank said...

el-guapo - You're probably right

anonymous - I feel sorry for us. I don't think anybody deserved this guy.