Friday, September 28, 2007

Maybe he had a sick friend?

Okay, so this guy steals an ambulance.  What was he thinking?  I don't know, but they caught him (loser) about 200 miles North of Los Angeles-- wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

This happened two days ago.  I've actually been in the field all week, just working a regular shift in my guise as a normal mild mannered news photographer for a major metropolitan broadcast television station.*

Not a lot of excitement for Action-Man these days, but I'm glad I did roll out on the stolen ambulance story.

I got to be part of a smooth little slice of gadget geekery that helped us get an element of the story which we wouldn't have had if we were less high-tech.

One of the firemen at the hospital (it was actually a fire department paramedic ambulance) took a picture with his cell phone of the surveillance video which showed the suspect.

I should also mention that the hospital didn't seem to be in any particular hurry in sharing that video with the media.  Sure, maybe this guy was likely going to be caught without the video, but I can't help wondering why the hospital would be so guarded and reluctant about releasing it.

At this point, it's not my worry.

So, back to the order of events.  The fire fighter emailed the two cameraphone shots he took to our reporter (Dave Malkof, husband of Angie Moriconi who writes the "Is That Thing Heavy" blog), who forwards it to me.

We had done a liveshot with Dave for the 6:00pm show and I was staying with the story for the nightside newscasts.

I opened the files on my laptop and transfered them to the Aurora edit system with a USB thumb drive.  Once it was in the Aurora computer, I was able to drop it into the package we cut for the story.

Shoot, it doesn't get much geekier than that.

You know, it feels good to be out in the field shooting, cutting and putting people on TV mostly solo (my thanks to good old Marvin for the "2nd man" assist on the 6:00pm show). 

I've missed shooting, but now it feels like going to the gym after not exercising for a while.  I'm getting the job done, but I'm not in the same shape I was in back when I was doing this on a regular basis.  There's nothing to worry about, because it's also like exercise in that I just have to keep working out until I get back in shape.

Let's hope I can have that done by later today.  I start jury duty next week.

*. . .and testing the latest version of the Aurora editing software.  How's that going?  Just swell, thanks for asking.

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Anonymous said...

Having the fireman bluetooth the vid directly to your edit system would have been geekier. Cool story though!

darleene said...

Dude. Geeks make the world go round, as they also put people on TV!

Amani Channel said...

You gotta love technology.