Friday, September 21, 2007

To BE Continued. . .

My involvement in the OJ Trial of the Century version 3.0 is over for now. I left "VIVA" Las Vegas yesterday morning about 9:00am and rolled into bed at home about 6:00pm. Yeah, a few things happened in the hours between bed and VIVA Las Vegas, but nothing of any real consequence.

Dellis (my Lovely Wife), was happy to have me safely at home, but I slept for nearly 11 hours. Gee, I guess I was tired.

We managed to complete somewhere between 40 and 50 uplinks since Sunday. Most of those were liveshots (some where just tape feeds) and we made it on TV every time we intended to make it on TV. Never once were we "floated".

That's a pretty good run without any technical or human errors.

We (Reporter Lisa Sigell, Photographer Jacob Jenkins and myself) worked almost 60 hours since we first got the call to come in last Sunday (a big chunk of that in the last two days with a really long day on Wednesday). After a good nights sleep, I'm still feeling every one of them that was spent in the satellite truck. My back and knees ache. My wallet is fine. It's going to be doing a little happy dance when the overtime from this week shows up on my paycheck.

I don't mean to sound so trivial (or mercenary) when the story involves elements of a huge tragedy, but probably like a lot of people I tend to forget where this all started. For the record, yeah, I think he did it.

Feel free to express your opinion. I think there's more to BE said, but I have to get ready for work.

It's kind of odd, but it seems like I just left there.

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gemmak said...

Yup, on this side of the pond the consensus is that 'he did it'....good lawyers, happy bank balance is what it takes it seems...the truth is rarely 'out there' in these cases.