Thursday, October 25, 2007


Lots of smoke yesterday.  I'll need a good airing out when I get off this mountain.

Even though I approach my job with a lot of enthusiasm and even though there's nothing else that I'd rather do for a living.

This part isn't fun.  It might have been on the first day, but now I'm into the fourth day of fire coverage.

I haven't been home since Tuesday and I've worked a double shift every day this week.

I'm in it until the station tells me to come on home and of course I'll keep making good use of the opportunity.  At the end of the day, I hope we've accomplished something.  For me, there's no objective way of judging how we're doing.  Reporters are getting on TV when they're supposed to be on.  We're sending back the most accurate information and most compelling visuals we can find.

Is anybody watching?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to see the forest, you know?

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darleene said...

but there is an objective way of judging how we're doing -- online stats!

Oh, and all the viewer email pouring in, thanking us for the coverage. It's a big huge love fest, now that we're airing Young & The Restless on its regular time again.

Surfsister said...

I never watch the local news. Just isn't my thing. However, I did watch the coverage of the fires. You guys rock!!!

Melissa said...

Yes, we're watching. Good job!

gemmak said...

Terrible situation but amazing pictures, over here we cant imagine what it's really like to be faced with that.