Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gee, that fire looks pretty close.

I shouldn't be clowning the fire, but it's easy to do when it's so far away.

I'm hanging out with Marc Coogan and Carl Stein up here near Running Springs.

Nothing is open in the town, so I go hungry again. Well, not completely hungry. I'm surviving on Power Bars and granola.
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darleene said...

Aw, see, that's what happens when you want to be out in the field, away from the commissary, where we've been getting company paid lunches and dinner.

Although, I am kind of jealous -- I would love to be out in the middle of that firestorm, taking pics with ya!

beFrank said...

WTF? They're buying food for you guys? We go days without a hot meal out here. (sigh) Such is life.