Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mmmmmm, simple pleasures.

Overall I'm pretty happy.  World peace is still a long term project (Come on, guys.  We can do this thing), but of more immediate concern are my diet and fitness goals.

I've been pretty good lately.  Not perfect, but really, really pretty awful darn good.

(sigh) Yeah, I could do better.

Last night was my Friday (yay!) and I'm taking a few days off to relax and enjoy the life I've worked so many long hours recently to afford.

Heh-heh, I've already paid for it with a run this morning, but last night I opted for the anti-health and fitness program.

It's not for everybody, but there's nothing like a post midnight run for a Tommy's double cheeseburger.  God bless America.  I brought it home, had it with a frosty cold Fat Tire beer and a little late night TIVO catch up action.

Two observations:  "Heroes" is an overrated show and the British series "Five Days" is almost as good as the critics think it is.  I don't usually throw down like that, but I've been straddling the fence on my fiction writing.  That's changing and I intend to come out swinging.

Anyway, I'm off until Monday and I'm looking to have some fun.

Life is exactly as long as it needs to be if you live without regret.  If I do manage to live a little less ordinary, I'll keep you posted.

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darleene said...

blasphemy! I love Heroes.

It doesn't captivate me the way "The Closer" did though.