Friday, October 19, 2007

Pretty Good Scare (not great).

Rest and relaxation is stomping the crap out of productivity right now. It's not easy for me to relax when I know there's work to be done at home (and back at the office).

Well, since I really can't be in two places at once, I'm going to continue to enjoy my days off.

If you've been reading, then you know that my lovely wife and I last night caught the midnight opening night of "30 Days of Night".

(heh-heh, nighty, night, night)

It was just a bit unusual for us, because we never go to the movies over at the Bridge theaters in (near?) Culver City.

We love the quirky peaceful solitude of the Laemmle downtown way too much. Anything else just seems weird for us these days.

I bought the tickets online and we left home a couple hours early with the idea to grab a late dinner before the show. When we got to the theater most of the shopping and food joints were closed or closing.

Luckily "Kabuki" was still serving and we had a nice light meal (sushi, sashimi, salad, miso soup).

Okay, I also had a beer with my California roll, but I'm guessing that shouldn't come as any big surprise. Not exactly on my diet, but I think I already covered this. Hellooo, I'm on vacation.

Anyway, I just really wanted to let everyone know what I thought about the movie.

Fun movie. I was looking forward to it because it seemed like an original idea. If not exactly original, then at least a relatively original take on a pretty played out idea.


I cover the news and I haven't seen anything fictionalized types like Vlad, Drac, The Night Stalker (70's TV movie version), Buffy's Angel (uh, Angelus), or The Midnight Flyer could teach monsters like Richard Ramirez, Scott Peterson or Chester Stiles-- oh, and don't get me started on some politicians or some of the clergy.

It was a pretty good movie. I enjoyed the evening out, but imaginary violence and horror is never going to be a favorite form of entertainment for me. Working in news and knowing what's out there in the real world is a lot more scary.

Gotta run (literally), then I'm going out to have some fun. Let me know if I'm missing anything.

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BellaKarma said...

Glad to hear it! I've been watching the trailer over on imdb for the past few weeks.

beFrank said...

It was really fun to see it on the IMAX screen at midnight. I don't know if it would be all that much fun any other way.

Good movie, not great.