Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Smoked Out.

The wind has died down, so the smoke is just sitting over the area like a fog.  It was a lot easier yesterday when the fire was still below us and downwind.  We had great mountain air to breathe.

This probably isn't good for my asthma, but I've complained quite a bit this year about not seeing any action.  Karmic payback I suppose, but I'm loving it all anyway.

These shots were taken from the same location where we were going live yesterday.

Not a good spot for continuing coverage.  You can feel the heat even from where I snapped the picture.

This called for a plan "b".

Plan "b" in these situations always include moving to somewhere safe.  Sometimes it also requires screaming like a cheerleader, but it didn't get to that point.

We managed to move about fifty yards away and did our first live shot today with our prior location smoldering in the background.

Life has taken a big turn back towards "less ordinary" and while I would have settled for "more interesting" it just really feel better to be back out in the field.

I'm putting Greg Mills on TV today for our dayside shows.  Still undetermined who's coming out tonight.

If I can, I'll keep you posted.

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