Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wicked Cool

Shhh, I'm listening.

The sound of my house late at night is just one of a lot of things I miss when I'm out on the road.  It was a difficult week at work covering the fires.  Now that it's over and I can take a moment to breathe (relatively clean air), I can relax.  I can think.

First, before anything else, I can give thanks for this blessed life of mine.

I'm home safe with my lovely wife.  I know where my children are.  All around me, I have enough of the things that make me happy and that includes goals and ambitions for things that don't come easy.

There are things I have to work towards.  For now, it's all good just to be able to enjoy a chance to breathe easy and have a nice Wicked evening out.

Until late Thursday night, I was worried the Wicked evening out we had planned might be sunk by my being away from home.

This was either going to be the second time I missed seeing the show (I was covering the Academy Awards last time) or maybe the second time Dellis has gotten to see it (she wasn't covering the Academy Awards).

I'm happy our Wicked attendance score is now Bryan-1 and Dellis-2.

When I couldn't make it last time, Dellis took our visiting middle child (Dania-1).  They both raved about it (it was good, I got it).  They both really seemed to have had a good time.

That certainly built up my expectations.

I had to go all Keaneau Reeves, woah.  The last thing that I want is to build up an unreasonable expectation.  Yeah, it could be the "Matrix" sequels all over again (only in a classy musical theater kind of way).

No worries.  The show was great.

A very special "thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyou" to the our friends the Mackies for the hook-up on the tickets.  You guys were right, the seats were awesome.

Perfect for illicit photography.

It was kind of fun trying to sneak a quick (and totally unauthorized) picture from inside the theater.  I wasn't the only one sneaking a shot, but I did turn off the flash on my camera.  Lucky for me others didn't.  The ushers were busy racing to scold the people they could catch because of their camera flashes.


Any worries about the evening not living up to expectations were squashed early.  I already have a fondness for the Pantages Theater after having covered the renovations a few years back.

We got there early enough to have a drink at the Frolic Room next door to the theater.

From my pre-show Stella Atois to the final self-photo portrait (with our green Wicked souvenir sunglasses) it was a great night out.  We had fun.  It really took my mind off the long week at work.

I'm glad it's the weekend.  There's a lot I missed this week (bills, yardwork, yadda-yadda) and I need to catch up on as much of it as I can.  The real danger now, is that I try to do too much and not get a chance to relax before the next big story that takes me away from home.

That would be Wicked, but not in the good way.

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lomara said...

I love the self-portraits you take with your sweetie! You two are so cute. You look like high-school sweethearts in your photos :)

beFrank said...

lomara - Thanks. Life might not be perfect, but every now and then we can have a perfect moment.

I like saving them up and stringing a few together for a nice night out.

Dave Malkoff said...

I just saw it last week.
"So if you wanna find me, look to the western sky"