Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Dog Story?

Last night I covered the story of a dog who was killed by mountain lion. The dog was at home in the Duarte area.  The home borders the foothills.

It's a major concern for the residents of the area.  Heck, mountain lions can kill people.

The owner of the dog is understandably heartbroken over the loss of his pet. They were close companions and had been together for a number of years.

Animal Control can't come out and hunt for the mountain lion, but thay have made available a permit for the man to shoot the mountain lion if it returns.

I think it's a horrible situation. The man obviously should protect himself and his pets, but the mountain lion is only doing what nature intends for it to do.

I'm sorry for the man's loss and I hope he doesn't have to kill the mountain lion.

I bet you can guess what kept running through my mind the whole evening while I was working on this story.


Latasha Norman is still missing.

Say a prayer, write a letter, look around if you think it'll help.  Do whatever you can.

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The Misanthrope said...

That was a sad story. My wife kept turning off the news when that story was reported.

beFrank said...

misanthrope - Uh-oh, that's not what we want to have happen.