Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sitting and Waiting

Okay, so you know I've been going to work, right? If I don't post anything it usually means one of two things. Either I'm super busy or just bored out of my mind.

I really really wish I were busy, but it's that second thing. One of my photog brothers is returning to work after recovering from open heart surgery. He's doing pretty well healthwise, but he's been out for a year and completely missed the roll out of the XD cameras. He's also starting from square one on learning the Aurora edit system.

I barely touched a camera all week (still or video). What's a blogger to do?

This morning I was up on one of my semi-regular sleepless nights and photos from an event I covered a few years back popped up in a photo widget on my desktop.

These are pictures from the 2002 Macy's Passport fundraiser and yes, that's the guy (Michael C. Hall) who plays "Dexter" on Showtime. Back then he was playing somebody else on "Six Feet Under".

My job was to hang out backstage and shoot interviews with celebs. It was kind of strange, because I remember shooting a couple of interviews, but we packed it all early for some reason.

I just remember having a real easy (like not working) time of it after we had gone to a lot of trouble to set everything up.

The female violinist is Miri Ben-Ari and I'll give five points to anyone who can tell me the guy's name.

This is actress Jennifer Finnigan and I had to check Getty Images to get her name because as we all know, I suck at remembering celebrity names. You might think I'd write them down or something. Especially after they actually let me take their picture.

A lot of interesting things were going on backstage. None of it ever made air, but I can't complain.

This was my first duopoly shoot. My station was owned by CBS, but we hadn't merged operations yet, so I still considered myself to be KCAL.

I hadn't seen any of these pictures in quite a while. I'm glad they popped up. In part because I really didn't want to face anyone on Monday and not have at least tried to find something to blog about, but mainly because I like reminding myself that my job is still pretty cool.

Well, at least it used to be.

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Genevieve said...

It was always a little tiresome as there is a lot running around