Monday, November 26, 2007

Sorry, but it was funny to me.

I've got a regular shift to face later today and tomorrow I'll be taking off to catch up with all the stuff I didn't get done over the last couple of weeks.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I'm already feeling the crunch.

The following video made me laugh. That was very welcome on a Monday morning.

Has anybody seen any of the sweeps stories we've aired this month? I'm just curious.

. . .also, if you happen to catch any of the CBS2/KCAL9 promo spots, any time you see a camera or photographer, that's me. I spent two days a couple of months back being the prop photographer for the promo shoot. I haven't seen one shot where you can actually recognize me, but I know I'm in there.

Now that would be something to put on You Tube.


tksinclair said...

Hey beFrank....just updating bookmarks in a new computer. Next year, 2008, my goal, photography and back to writing. First Nikon class on 1/12. I bought the D200 about a year ago and have barely had it out of the box. Too much going on, lots of family losses. Speaking of which, I lost my home in the 94 Malibu fire. In Big Rock. My house was directly over Moonshadows. Good to see you. Give my best to Dellis and hope to spend more time here after the first of the year!

beFrank said...

tksinclair - It's always good to hear from one of my original blogger buddies.

Sorry to hear about family losses, but I'll keep a good thought for you.

I love it when people take pictures. Enjoy the new camera when you can.