Friday, December 14, 2007

Bryan is swinging from vines and doing Tarzan yells.

Sorry, I find my writing is being influenced by my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I've been typing in short blurbs about what I'm doing at the moment. It makes sense, because that's the bulk of the writing I've been doing lately.

That changes today.

Actually, since I'm officially on vacation and plan to spend every waking moment larger than life. Let's try that again.

As God is my witness, THAT CHANGES TODAY!

Gee, now what do I write about? Got it, how about this?

I shot a story on this modest home last week and it aired as part of the new "Tech" segment with Rich DeMuro. If you're in the market for a modest $3.4 million dollar Brentwood pad, you can get a video tour of the place on the internet.

It might not be the most cutting edge use of video, but the YouTube connection now makes it a shade more "tech-y" than a simple real estate video.

It was cool for me, because I'm a big landscape and home design fan. I recognized this house from a magazine article.

I gotta tell you, I was just glad to be out of the office and shooting something. Coming up on the end of the year and being on vacation gives me only three actual shooting days until 2008.

It feels like I took a beat down from 2007 and while I was on the ground, 2007 kicked me in the kidneys.


Don't say anything, but I'm going to sucker punch 2008. Yeah, that's right. I'm going to own next year out the gate. You want some 2008, it'll cost you a pack of smokes.

Are you getting the prison analogy?

I've got some vacation to rip through. Check back later for an update.

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darleene said...

Hm. I'd rather just watch HGTV than to the end of this video.