Thursday, December 06, 2007

A few words about burritos and beer.

Let me just say, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Oh, baby, I've been jonesing for a steak burrito from Poquito Mas for a couple of weeks. It might have something to do with turkey overload at Thanksgiving, but I'm not a scientist. I couldn't tell you for sure why I'd been having this particular craving. I just did.

Grilled steak with rice, beans, jack cheese and a combination of their tomatillo green and fire roasted red salsa in a grilled flour tortilla and again I go, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

It was odd too, because I only got it at night. I needed a steak burrito at the end of the day after work.

My big problem was that the Poquito Mas on Ventura Boulevard (which I pass twice a day) has been closed by the time I've gotten off work the past couple of weeks. I work until 12:30am (or later) most nights.

Could I have gotten it on the way to work and saved it until after work?

(shuh!) Please, don't be silly.

Why, the chemical changes alone would have made it a completely different experience and really, the experience is probably a big part of the appeal. Also, I know me, my near complete lack of will power (when it comes to food) would have never allowed it to survive intact through my entire shift to make it home.

Gosh, it had to make it home. Remember, home is where the beer is.

Speaking of which, I can't really recommend the Alaskan seasonal Winter Ale.

It's not a bad brew, but if I had looked closely at the label, I would have seriously questioned the addition of spruce tips as a flavor additive. I don't know, maybe some folks enjoy the spruce tips. This beer is firmly in the "beers I could drink if no other beer was available and not drinking a beer was actually an option" category.

It could happen.

Anyway, call it what you want. I had my craving and I took care of it. I've been in the field for almost two weeks solid and that's more of a streak than I've managed all year.

Next week I'm working dayside coaching another edit trainee. You can believe I'm going to savor my remaining time out in the field. I'll enjoy it almost as much as I enjoyed my midnight snack.

ps- The bag is empty. The cup is empty. The beer is empty. Never let a post get in the way of a good meal.

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Horonto said...

Where I come from Spruce Beer is soft drink, soda or pop. I like it.

beFrank said...

It tastes green. Yes, I'll have another.