Saturday, December 01, 2007

In the wet

Every now and then the news provides me with a tiny bit of adventure. Nothing dangerous (mostly) and certainly not immediately life threatening.

The stories I'd covered last week were still in mind. It felt like I'd invested more emotionally than what was professional (or healthy) in the story of Latasha Norman. At least I kept going and made it through Friday.

That whole emotional investment thing is an occupational hazard.

It helped me to end the week on a high note. Driving down to Orange County for a satellite shot to put Suzie Suh on the air was cool. The drive itself wasn't, but doing a job well and making it seem easy is always a nice pick me up.

I left the station just after 7:00pm and had to drive from North Hollywood through East Los Angeles and then South on the 5 freeway until I hit the Jamboree exit near Irvine.

The news vans are usually loaded down with gear and electronics, so the weight makes driving in the rain tricky at times. I'd say, I'm used to it, but that's usually th last thing someone says just before a horrific accident.

Let's just say, I'm familiar enough with the vans to take it easy when the ground is wet.

Well, I took it easy enough and eventually found the crew I was sent out to put on TV. I mentioned the fog in a post from my Blackberry. It was thick and I had to crawl along like I was driving by braille.

Didn't know exactly where I was going, couldn't see very far ahead of me. These are the kind of things that should cause a sane person some small measure of concern.

I was lucky enough to have my semi-trusty little GPS unit with me. It's not a high end model, that's for sure.

I found the crew exactly where they said they would be on Modjesko Canyon Road. It's possible that I had never been to this part of our coverage area, but I made it there and managed to get a soggy liveshot uplinked.

Live at ten and eleven. The fog gave way to a light rain. We could see a little further, but it was still dark and cold out there. On the drive home, the rain let up, but I still passed a couple of accidents along the way.

I guess I'm lucky. Even with the week that was.

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darleene said...

Poor Suzie! She looks like she's freezing.

beFrank said...

Yup. I was toasty though, rocking the quadruple layers.