Friday, December 14, 2007

Where was I when this happened?

The news was on and I was eating dinner. Grilled salmon on a bed of lettuce with ranch dressing, corn on the side and a glass of shiraz from the Barefoot label.

Imagine my shock when I heard my name being mentioned as part of the recent Malibu fires.

My first reaction was to deny any involvement in any criminal acts, but then I realized they were talking about another Bryan. Brian Franks sounds a lot like Bryan Frank and I'm sure you can understad my initial concern.

It wasn't me. Honest.

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lomara said...

Hah, I wondered if you might have a comment about this. I saw the story posted and did a double-take myself. But knew a good guy like yourself would never get mixed up in riff-raff like those dudes. :D

Emjoy your little vacation!

darleene said...

heheh, that's what i thought too, when i first heard the story.

beFrank said...

lomara - They'll never take me alive! Uh, unless they catch me, then for sure I'm going in. I mean, wait, what's the complete opposite of NOT taking me in alive?

That's the one I'm doing.

darleene - Hey! Come on, benefit of the doubt maybe?

BJ said...


Hey, was tooling around the net and found your site. Yeah, I got a little flak about that too. Maybe I'll catch you around L.A. sometime.

All my best to a fellow artist with a cool name.

"The Other BeFrank"
Bryan J Frank

Anonymous said...






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