Saturday, January 26, 2008

Codename: SNOWMAN

It's now Saturday evening and I'm watching the sky. The next storm should be hitting us soon. I'm ready for the most part, but the hotel has had some plumbing problems and we are now without hot water.

That's certainly not good and on top of that, there's no room service.  I can't have a couple of cheeseburger and a beer sent up.

Most of my fellow crew members had other plans for the weekend or they got shifted onto other stories. Dellis and I didn't have anything major planned for the weekend, maybe knocking a couple more movies off my list.

With the weather the way it is, I know me.  I wouldn't have been overly motivated to get out in the yard.

The station wants me to be available if things get bad up here around Fraizer Park. It was good to be here when things were happening. Now I'm feeling a little antsy as I watch other crews covering the news.

It could be worse. I can't go home, but I'm still being paid (KA-CHING!). Believe me, that takes a lot of the sting off of things.

The biggest complaints I have right now? No room service and no hot water.

Yup, everyone probably wishes they had my problems.

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Kenny . said...

If all this snow keeps up in your area I'll be happy to give you some tips on what snow blower you may need.

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