Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Proper Care and Feeding of News Media

What burns me up is that everyone thinks it's all eat, drink and be merry when we're on these assignments out of town. Most days we're working from sunrise to well past sundown and often through the time in between.

Of course, that wasn't the case yesterday.

Nosirree, hot damn we tied one on last night. Whooped it good.  My brain is going "weeeeee" just thinking about it.

Okay, maybe I'm embellishing here.

Keep in mind I only had as much fun as legally allowed by the lovely Mrs. Frank. That severely changes the entire definition of "whooped it up", which is okay, because you have to realize, my idea of a good time doesn't exactly follow everyone else's.

We had a great meal. It was actually a "good" meal, but we spent so much money for it, I feel compelled to bump it up a notch so I don't feel stupid for paying such insane prices for food.

Okay, food and a couple of beers.  I had a half dozen fresh oysters to start and also a Chimay beer (to start).  I ordered the boneless short ribs. . .

. . .with creamed spinach.

Marvin had a steak.  New York Strip, if I remember right.  Cooked medium, but he would have liked it a little more medium than it was.

He was drinking Corona and had a side of pommes frite.  That's just fancy talk.  We call them french fries.  The thing is, you can't charge eight bucks for them if you call them french fries.

Hmm, did that Freedom Fries thing ever catch on?

The frites came with a truffle mayonnaise and that made them better somehow.  Why the restaurant didn't have a truffle ketchup is beyond me.  Seems like a natural.  It's sad to think we live in a world where ketchup technology still hasn't reached the same heights as our mayonnaise technology.

I like mayonnaise, but ketchup and I have a history.  We're tight like that.

Also, not pictured but thoroughly enjoyed, the Salmon with lentils, carrots, and 'shrooms that Reporter Christina McLarty investigated for connections to, or associations with the red house wine.

(I think it was a Merlot)

My apologies to all the sweet toothed chocoholics.  No desserts.  We were stuffed (In my case, also broke).  The meal (and drinks) set us further back than I was expecting. 
There went the overtime from this trip.  Be free!

Lucky for us, the hotel provided a spread in the Media Lounge.  We news types need a quiet spot to relax and unwind when they've cut us off at the bar.

Food is good, but "Free" makes it special.

It was a nice trip.  We're almost done and we'll head back to Los Angeles early tomorrow.  I don't try to speak for any of my fellow photographers.  Any time you can relax with your fellow crew members, break bread and enjoy a few laughs at the end of the day, well, that's rare.

I'm going to go and try to put the reporter on TV one more time.  You folks have a pleasant evening.

Hmm, I wonder what time they lock the door to the Media Lounge?

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turdpolisher said...

no one seems to understand road trips, this one excluded, are lots of hard work with a little fun sprinkled in. but you usually get a good war story or two to blog about.

glad you stuffed yourself on the station dime.

darleene said...

Poor you. Heheh.

Next time we have a gargantuan cake at the station for someone's birthday, I'll take a picture and send it to you. :)

beFrank said...

turdpolisher - Station dime?

darleene - Boo. I want my cake and eat it too.