Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rockin' Around the Clock.

Yikes! I just noticed I hadn't posted since the weekend. I'm sure you understand. After five days away from home, things got a little piled up.

I probably should have worked on trimming down that pile, but mostly I've tried to catch up on sleep and well, shucks, beer doesn't drink itself you know.

I'm pullng SAT truck duty today and tomorrow. Big debates. Yessiree, lots of talking. Hey, maybe it's just me, but instead of a debate, I'd like to see a cage match. I'd watch that. Who's with me?

Yesterday, after a morning training session, I tagged along with the Chief on a walk-through for the Democratic Candidates Debate that's going to be held at the Kodak Theatre on Thursday.

The whole purpose of a walk through is to hammer out technical issues to make sure all the media outlets play nice with each other.


Before the walk-through we had a pretty good idea how things were going to be set up.

The high point of the walk through was when one of the LA Observed guys recognized me.

That was cool.

They're serious bloggers over there and it kind of gives me a warm fuzzy that they even know who I am.

We're coming up on the last liveshots of the night. After we're done here at the house that Ron built, I'll be driving the SAT truck over to Hollywood Boulevard for the 1:00am load-in.

It's shaping up to be a pretty good news year. I don't hope for anything bad to happen, but I'm feeling pretty good about being back out on the front line. I'm sure I'll be fried by the weekend, but I still feel like I was overdue for assignments I could sink my teeth into.

While you're sleeping tonight, I'll be questioning the wisdom of volunteering for most of this. I could be the poster boy of "be careful what you wish for".

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darleene said...

Whatever, be. All of LA's bloggers know who you are -- you're practically a blogebrity!