Monday, February 18, 2008

LACMA Opening (as far as I know)

Exhausted and beaten up by the wacky schedule I worked last week, by Friday night, boys and girls I was gone. If there had been a major news story breaking, I think I would have had to miss it.

Facing facts, it just wouldn't have done anyone any good to have me try to zombie my way through any more time on the clock.

As it was, I still had a commitment to Dellis to attend the LACMA/Broad Contemporary Art Museum opening on Friday night.

Our mismatched schedules for Valentines Day made me really want to not disappoint my lovely wife. I know she'd been looking forward to the opening and I have an unfortunate pattern of having to cancel social events because of work related conflicts.

She's always understanding of that, but I'm sure it doesn't make it easy to miss out on things or to experience them by herself.

We both lead lives of interest to each other, but we don't often have the opportunity to share the better parts of our activities.

That's why on Friday after I got home (you'll hear about my workday in the next post) I showered, put on a suit and tie and took my wife out to the event she'd been looking forward to sharing with me.

I think I should mention again for dramatic effect, I put on a TIE.

It was a beautiful event.  Even in my zombified state of consciousness, I enjoyed the new installations and even the few pieces which I found to be pretentious and silly, were at least interesting to view.

Also, there was food.

In the big tent set up for the opening , there were salads (ceasar and an arugula) and a butternut squash soup (served in mini-bread bowls) which we enjoyed.  There were two types of brownies for dessert (mmm, brownies), a traditional chocolate and also a lighter one that I liked, but can't remember what it was made from.  I wish I could have payed closer attention to what was on my plate, but I'm thinking I'm actually lucky I can recall any details at all.

There's one detail that I can't forget.  Looking at Dellis from time to time through the evening (through my sleep deprived haze), I could see it clearly how much it meant to her that I was there.

I'm a lucky man and I may not know art, but I know what I love.

Maybe someday I'll take a nap, get really well rested and we'll go back and I'll get to see everything that I missed at the museum.

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darleene said...

mmmm, brownies.

You guys are such a cute couple!