Friday, February 29, 2008

Very G'Day.

The time got away from me and I was running late for work.  I called the desk to let them know.  Almost before I could hang up the cell phone, the Super Chief called.  I was needed for a satellite shot in downtown right away.

I could still see downtown in my rear view mirror and the view of the traffic heading towards downtown was starting to look hinky.

Yeah.  I said, hinky.  If I had an Australian slang word for "hinky", I'd have used it. See, I was going to be putting an Australian crew from Channel 10 (Network 10?) on TV and I think that would just be appropriate.

Very nice folks.  I'd meet them recently at another event and it felt good to be of some help in providing their uplink.

I'd managed to get to the station, check out the sat truck and make the turn around to downtown LA with much of a hitch.

I like it when things work out, but it really helps that I've done this enough to have gotten pretty good at it.  Not so good that I'd be arrogant enough to know that I'm only human and I'm perfectly capable of making a mistake.


Oops.  Sorry if I'm bursting a few bubbles, but even though I've had a good streak of successful sat shots, I know streaks don't last forever.

I'll admit, dialing up the Australian IFB was slightly problematic.  Our cell phones don't allow us to make international calls.

I had to call the Newspath office in New York and have them dial it up then transfer me to the Australian station's IFB line.

(IFB is the audio being fed back to reporter during a liveshot.)

The cell phone kept dropping the line and we got pretty close to their hit time before it behaved.  The fourth time was the charm, but keep in mind, I wasn't dialing it directly.  I had to dial New York and be transferred to the proper line.

With a little Frank Luck, it all worked out.  The Australian crew got their liveshot and my streak continues.  That's what I call a good day.


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Kerry said...

What was the story?

Channel 10 is a pretty big Aussie player, they have a range of entertainment shows (some of which make their way over to us here in NZ)