Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mostly Simple.

Shift gears and just keep moving.  Some people might have trouble with that, but it's what we're expected to be able to do on any given day.

When I left home on Wednesday, I expected to put in most of my shift at the station with a trainee on the Aurora system.

Gee, that seemed like a perfectly good plan.  The unexpected absence of the trainee due to a small "oops" in scheduling (let's not point any fingers, but it sure as hell wasn't me) forced the assignment desk to reassign me for the evening.

I got sent to help another crew at a town hall meeting in Carson where the concentrated placement of convicted sex offenders was understandably causing quite an outcry from the community.

Also, since I can't possibly just do one job at a time, I was asked to help refresh one of our SAT truck drivers who had been off the job for a while.

The hotel is located in a mostly industrial area near the 91 and 110 freeways.  The streets are fairly dark and there's not a lot of foot traffic in the area.  We set up camp and I cut the story from the footage shot by the other photographer.

That's not really the preferred way we work.  Most of the time if you shoot something, you cut it yourself.  We had to make the swap so the other photographer could get off work on time.

The SAT truck refresher may have been short changed, but we got the story on the air.  I never saw any of the convicted sex offenders, but I figure they probably caught the story in their rooms.

We rarely know exactly what our assignment will be on any given day at the office.  Sometimes we can make an educated guess.

After yesterday, I can honestly tell you, I really have no clue what I'll be working on when I get to work today.

You'll just have to check back and see.

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