Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Name of the Game.

Having decided earlier in the week to renew my efforts to take over the world.  I've been testing a few notions and trying to increase my productivity by commandeering an empty cubicle at work after hours.

I like it.  Cozy and out of the way, it seems like the perfect lair from which I can launch the first phase of my master plan.

Yes, I'm breaking things down into more manageable bite-sized segments.

Just don't ask me about Phase Two.  We're not at a point where I'm entirely comfortable talking about "Phase Two".

I can say one thing (and keep this to yourself), Phase Two involves cookies.

Seriously, it really all comes down to writing.

I've been promising myself for a few years now that I'd make a go of it.  Things seem to work out for a while, then my job or other responsibilities start splitting my attention.

Eventually I'll let out a sigh and put things away until the next convergence of time and motivation.

That's probably not a very strong recipe for world domination.

So, here I sit and write. . .or read, or gather the information I need to begin reaching  for goals beyond what I've achieved so far.

If that means getting home a little later or testing the limits of "squatter's rights",
well I'll just have to deal with those bridges when we get to them.
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turdpolisher said...

Congrats on the new office. Now if you can just find time to work in it. I just commendered the kitchen table as my writer's studio. I got tired competing with Sponge Bob in the "entertainment" room.

Lenslinger said...

Bryan, any chance of seeing you in Vegas next month for NAB? Weaver, Turd, a few others and I will be there for the b-roll bash on April 14th. Would love to assemble soem kind of whiskey-laced photog blogger summit...

beFrank said...

I'm gonna work on it. Plan "A" has fallen through. I'm hard at work on Plan "B".