Thursday, March 20, 2008

Darn, I don't have a good title for the post and I sure as heck don't have time to think of one.

There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. You probably already know that, but I feel like I need to say it every now and then because maybe I can drum up a little sympathy.

No? Fine then, I'll just keep juggling and hope I can at least keep my head above water. Does that sound whiney? That's really not meant as a complaint. Just an observation.

With my continuing effort to take over the world moving forward, I've had very little time to snap any kind of picture. Actually putting some effort into developing even a quick grab into something worth printing or sharing has been even more of a struggle.

Heck, even while I'm typing this, I'm keeping one eye on the clock, because I still have a couple of chores to wrestle before it's time to head into work.

That's Francisco Alferez, he's an experienced Photographer and Aurora Editor. It wasn't really that intense of a story. I just caught him between smiles, but in general that's the face of news editing.

Last night, while I was still wearing my "Edit Trainer" cap, my trainee and I were lucky enough to get the hand off assignment from Francisco and Christina McLarty

With Francisco doing the early cut of the story for the 8:00pm show, I was free to snap a couple of shots that made me feel like I wasn't just throwing up a Hail Mary and hoping for something to good to happen.

Behind the scenes during the editing process and when the reporters are getting ready for the liveshot are some of my favorite candid moments.

It might not be the same for other people, but a lot of the satisfaction I have with my job and my life in general comes from having the opportunity to spend a couple of free minutes doing something that I enjoy.

I am sooooo lucky that every now and then I can do this.

After the 8:00PM live hit, Francisco headed back to the station in order to get off the clock on time. I coached the trainee on making changes to the Francisco edited version of the package. We fed in an updated piece for the 11:00PM show and did one more live hit for the 10:00PM newscast.

The trainee walked away with a few more crumbs of knowledge, some practical editing experience to connect the dots between theory and application and the reporter might just have a new background shot for her computer.

Me? I know there are people with far less, just as I know there are people with more of all the material things available in life. I just continue to be my own best example of being not just content, but genuinely happy even with less than everything in the world.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still taking over. I'm just saying, there's no need for me to rush.

Time's up. I gotta go.

The reporter's basset (called, Snoop Dogg) isn't a regular fixture in the field. He was just chillin' with us for the evening. I'm pretty sure you were wondering.
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Florian said...

So you had no time for a headline, but to edit those stunning images, huh? ;-)

Fine with me - really nice selection of images!
Happy easter


beFrank said...

Florian - Yeah, it was one or the other. I couldn't do both.

Happy Easter to you also.

darleene said...

Still want to be on that panel I was telling you about? :)