Monday, April 07, 2008

Gee, didn't you get my email?

Okay, I know you got the email because I sent it out last Monday and it was marked as "High Priority" and "Absolutely Not Spam".

Dellis had a reception for a gallery showing of her fiber sculptures down in Santa Ana.

Yeah, I know you would have been there, but I'm pretty sure you were on the email list.

My lovely (also patient, understanding and forgiving) wife asked me to do two simple things.  She asked me to help her move a van load of sculptures down to the gallery a couple of weeks ago.

That I did.  I also posted about it.

She also asked me to invite everyone in my address book and I remember typing up the email.

Hmm, come to think of it, seems like I remember some natural and/or family disaster happening last Monday when I was supposed to be emailing stuff.


Okay, I admit I let work and other things pile up and I should have been better at getting the word out about Dellis' reception.

At least the reception was successful and I did everything right  at the reception.

Well, maybe I had trouble with the wine bottle opener, but at least nobody got hurt.

Dellis' work will be at the Assunta Fox Gallery in Santa Ana from now until April 30th. Please, follow the link for directions and gallery exhibit hours.
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Bridgette Alyce said...

Hi Bryan!

Well, I got the email, memo, text, you name it! And there was no WAY I'd miss Dellis' event - even if I had to WALK 100 miles! We had a blast! Dellis is fiercely gifted. I'm just happy my friends were able to experience it and enjoy themselves! I love the pics, as usual!

Kudos to you and that shining star we love so much!

beFrank said...

It meant a lot to us to see all the friends and family make it all the way there and also, it's certainly nice to see you out here blogging.

I hope you're having as much fun with your blog site as I have with mine. Feel free to pop in any time.

Bridgette Alyce said...

Actually, I only started blogging in earnest in December of last year. I really had other things already on my plate at the time, and it was, I'm quite sure, a way of procrastinating. So I blogged a bit, and then by January, I pretty much shut 'er down because I have writing deadlines. Don't know HOW you find the time, Bryan! (also, truth be told, I don't REALLY think I have anything to say that too many folks care about - I dunno)

When something of note happens, like, April is National Poetry Month and I'm being featured here and there, I'll pop up and make an announcement or something. Whatever!