Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ready, Set. . .

. . .GO!

I got all of no time at all to post something about my adventures backstage at the show "The Star's Secret Talent" or whatever they call it.

Probably I should show some respect (I think it's a CBS program) and I'd look it up, but again forgive me, no time.

Former OC Bureau nightsider Tim Kimball was "getting his training on" for the Aurora and we got asked to back up the McLarty crew covering an entertainment story shooting on the soundstage across the driveway from our station.

Ice Skating girl. . .crap. . .I can't remember her name (no time. . .to. . .Google). Was one of the celebs being interviewed backstage.

Now, George Takei I know. Mr. Sulu himself was right there and I got to snap a quick picture of him in his official "Star Trek Western Wear" uniform.

Hey, look! Clint Black is wearing his "Star Trek Western Wear" unif-- No, wait a minute, that's what he always wears.

Gosh, I love it when I'm not only uninformed (about the assignment), but really really not needed for much of anything on a shoot. T. Kimball and I were only there as a safety net if the main crew had to bail before they could grab the backstage interviews.

We broke out of our training session, grabbed our cameras (well, I at least grabbed the sticks) and dashed across the driveway to the soundstage.

We helped as best we could for as long as we could get away with it. Heck, it was time for a break from the training anyway.

Not pictured: The singer that goes by the name, Maya. I walked past her and didn't recognize her in person. The thing is, she had a pretty sexy costume on and I try not to oogle 20somethings when I'm standing around with a still camera.

I've been told that's kind of creepy.

Okay, gotta go to work.

BTW, it's okay to leave a comment. I already know you're out there.
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Bridgette Alyce said...

Well, what I love, besides the incredible shots - is "hearing" you talk when I'm reading your commentaries. I started lurking about 3 years ago - I think Dellis was the one who told me you were out here. And I was like, "MAN! I can hear him speaking!" Well, I know it's not any new discovery, especially for people who know you. I think I was just impressed by the fact that you're such a good communicator (writer) as well as photographer. True journalistic skills, cousin! Bravo! And yes, I'll be baaaaccchhh! I learn new things here in coolshotsland!

lomara said...

The ice skater is Sasha Cohen.

beFrank said...

bridgette alyce - Why, thank you for the kind words. Now if I could only get motivated to start knocking on doors, I might live long enough to become a paid writer.

lomara - (sigh) Are you picking on me? Lots of people have been pointing out her name.

lomara said...

No, of course not! I was just trying to be helpful. (Hadn't seen anyone else comment on Sasha, sorry.)

beFrank said...

No worries. Help beFrank name the celebrity has pretty much become a regular feature of my blog. I was just kidding.

What's really funny is all the people who stop me around th station and just say the name.

"Sasha Cohen"


"Dude, that was Sasha Cohen."

"Yes, it was. Thank you."

"Yo, be! Sasha--"

"Cohen. Yes, now I know"