Monday, April 21, 2008

Save the Date.

I may have mentioned this once or twice, but next month I'm taking part in another gallery exhibit.

I'll be showing a few of my favorite photographs all enlarged and framed (just like real honest to goodness art).

There's a reception in the evening on the 15th of May and another one on June 1st.

Last time we had a great time and this is a perfect opportunity for folks to see if I'm as nice (or evil) a guy as I claim to "be".

FYI - That's my shot of the Vatican in the upper left hand corner. I did that!
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Bridgette Alyce said...

THIS IS SO OUTTA CONTROL, BRYAN!! (that means, AWESOME, DUDE!!) So, I'm reading this and realizing, 'hmmmm, he's done a few of these a-ready?' That's ok. I'm a "desert rat" and we just get stuck up the hill for the most part. (not really, but whatever!) I'm so excited about this! The lovely wife didn't tell me, but see, I'm just not holding anything against anybody because I'm plugged in to the latest news RIGHT HERE on coolshots! Congratulations, Bryan! Your work is ... just... (insert your favorite exclamatory adjective because this writer is speechless!) Did I mention that I love your pictures??

Go forth, young man! You're famous!!

with joy!

Bridgette Alyce

beFrank said...

Thanks for all the kind words. I'm pretty casual about the whole thing, so I'm not as good as Dellis about getting the word out. I should have my copies of the announcement cards in a couple of days. I'll make sure to send one your way.