Friday, April 11, 2008

So far from Heaven

Samantha Padilla.  If you haven't heard the name, she was the 19 year old woman shot and killed at the Slauson off-ramp of the Northbound 110 Freeway a couple of nights ago.

We covered a candle vigil held for her last night.

There we were. Crowded together on the narrow sidewalk.  Trying to not trip and fall into the path of the cars and trucks coming off of the freeway.

Random thoughts being what they are, there's hardly a murder scene where I don't wonder if the killer might decide to swing by and shoot into the crowd.

It seems as if taking a life is just a casual thing for way too many people.


Covering these stories, we face the friends and family of victims and you can't help but feel some measure of their pain. We do our jobs, but I know many people working in news become desensitized from witnessing so much emotional suffering.

We heard last night that the police have already made an arrest (or at least picked someone up for questioning).

So much pain and suffering and it's so completely frustrating, because you know there's nothing that's really going to justify taking a life.

Really, I just have no idea what people expect.  I'm glad there are smarter people than me who try to figure out how to make our civilized society continue to work for everyone.  The best I've ever come up with is to try to avoid killing anybody, but that's worked out pretty well for me.

Well, so far at least.

Even if you don't believe in any version of a spiritual afterlife.  If this is it.  If our entire existence is only measured by the time between birth (conception?) and death.  Why shouldn't we aspire to living as if this is heaven?

What?  Too heavy for a Friday?

As I see it, the biggest problem with that whole concept is the fact that getting people like me on board is easy.  That's preaching to the choir.  Somehow I need to sell the idea to people like whoever killed Samantha Padilla.

I guess, all we can do is try.

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Amani Channel said...

These are words I can relate to. Thought murders, crimes, and suffering are a staple of local news coverage. I share you concerns, thoughts, and perspective.