Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where was I?

Shoot, I could have gone to Big bear last night. All I did yesterday was coach Scott Mackie on running one of our little satellite trucks.

He was trained on it a couple years back, but if you've never been sent out to actually do a satellite shot in a couple of years, it shouldn't come as any big surprise that, yes, there have been some changes in the truck. . .

. . .and yes, some of the things you were taught two (heck, maybe three) years ago no longer apply.

They sent another operator up to Big Bear. We practiced deploying the truck on the lot and at the Starbucks up the street.

What? We can do that. A mocha frappuchino goes well with training.

One thing I found out while working with Scott? I don't even remember everything about the truck that I learned. It's very easy to get into a routine. Most of our satellite liveshots follow a pretty basic pattern.

Pop the dish, find the bird, set up the camera, access, dial up IFB, cue the talent, record tags, cool the tubes, pack it away, gas up and go home.

Yeah, it's just that simple. Pretty much.

Granted, there are a few intermediary steps in all that, but I'm sure anyone could pick it up. Heck, I learned it and I suffer from ADOS.

That's Attention Deficit. . .ooh, shiny.

Where was I?

Hey, has anyone ever eaten at Spark? I've never eaten there, but every time I gas up at the Shell station on Ventura just South of Laurel Canyon, I'm drooling over their steak and martini sign.


I have no news scheduled for the rest of this week. Scott Mackie is going to fly solo the next time the station needs a satellite shot and I'm back to Aurora training tonight. There's news happening every day, but I'm catching very little of it.

Well, happy Wednesday. I think I'm going to return to my hijacked cubicle tonight.

When I take over the world, I'm delegating someone else to do training. . .oh, and everybody gets a steak and martini.
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lizriz said...

Spark is really yummy. My boyfriend and I have been there twice and it rocked both times. The crab cake appetizer - I woke up the next morning dreaming about it. :)