Monday, May 26, 2008

Brain Freeze!

The "snow" in Baldwin Park last week was more accurately hail. There's probably an even better term for it, but I'm just a small town country news photographer who is not accustomed to your fancy weather talk.

Also, your big city ways sometimes frighten me.

Not to be a grinch or anything, but I was very pleased to have been on a training mission on the "snow" day. I got to play in the snow, take a few pictures for the blog and didn't freeze anything off trying to shoot the story. It was magical, like a fairy tale. The kids and young adults of the neighborhood had a grand time pelting each other and the media with "snow balls".

Maybe you can see from the picture, the "snow" was pellet sized ice crystals. It didn't pack very well, unless you count the wallop it packed if you got hit by a slushy fistful of the stuff.

No, it didn't pack, but it could partially melt and form a very solid ball of ice.

I volunteered to stay in the van during our early liveshots. Things weren't too bad while the reporter introduced the story.

When the station came back to him after the package, most of the smaller kids were edged out of the way by teenagers and young adults.

We were kind of resigned to the fact that the neighborhood wasn't a kinder and gentler sort of place, but we had a story to put on the air.

It did sort of surprise me that a lot of the guys clowning through the reporter's tag weren't in the least bit concerned about the small kids they were trampling for a fleeting few seconds of facetime on TV.

Things didn't collapse into a full riot, but later, the police were called to calm some of the more foolish "snow going" morons. Several of them had grown bored tossing snow our way and had begun pelting passing cars on the busier cross street.

We avoided a repeat for the later liveshots by relocating to a quieter spot half a block away.

As I get older, I look back on the things I did as a child and I'm pretty sure I would have risked tossing a snowball or two at the news media if they had visited my neighborhood under similar circumstances. I think we're all on the same page with that. Maybe we could all agree that by the time you're, oh, I dunno, THIRTY, you should put the snowballs down, quit throwing up gang signs and try to be a better example.

I'd like to think it's possible, but the odds of it are probably not even as likely as a snowball's chance in Baldwin Park.
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