Monday, May 05, 2008

Forty-seven, so far.

I'm taking a break from work today to celebrate my 47th birthday, Cinco de Mayo and absolutely anything else anyone would like to add.

The only down side right now, is that everyone else is at work until later.  So, for now, it's just me and the dog at home listening to my Herb Alpert record and dancing a conga line around the living room.

There are things in life that I want and don't have.  A home with a fireplace is really high on my list right now, but maybe that's just because the weather is overcast and cloudy.

There are things in life I want and will likely never have.  It doesn't mean that I'll stop working towards my goals (helloooo, world domination), it just means that I know to appreciate what I have right now.

Every day, I smile and laugh and enjoy all the blessings in my life.  I have family and friends who love me.  I can take a day, relax and enjoy.

Happy Birthday to me. . .

. . .also Cinco de Mayo.

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Amani Channel said...

Happy Belated!

beFrank said...

amani channel - Thanks and if anyone is wondering, I'm still taking a shot of Patron for every birthday greeting.

I may not leave the house this week.