Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Darleeneisms

Good people in the world are sometimes difficult to find. Darleene of the blog "Darleeneisms" donated her birthday to the Union Station Foundation Adult Center.

What she did was get a group of friends and family together to feed people less fortunate. From my experience, that's not something just anybody would do.

I know it's a busy world we live in and there's always something important that requires our attention. It's just good to know that there are ordinary people willing to do out of the ordinary things for others.

Happy Birthday Darleene!
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Ed Padgett said...

Hello Bryan,

Darleene’s birthday party will be one I will not soon forget, what a remarkable young lady she is.

It was a pleasure meeting you as well, and I hope our paths cross once again soon.

Edward the Pressman Blogger

beFrank said...

Ed, it was very good to meet you. I often have to force myself to slow down and enjoy being a part of the things that happen every day around me. It was a very worthwhile effort from Darleene and I'm just very happy to have been some small part of it.