Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Evil Lurks. . .

Happy Wednesday people. The sun's up and another day filled with unlimited potential is throwing the question back at me and asking in a half-mocking way, "I dunno, what do you want to do?"

Well, I want to write. I'd like to dust off any one of the projects I have in various stages of development and spend a few days holed up in dark quiet room with just my laptop, a bag of Fatburgers and an ice bucket filled with bottles of Frugatti's Voluptuous Blonde.

Okay, we know that's not going to happen today, but if I had my druthers, by now I'd be done with my first burger and popping the cap on beer number two.

Hang on, I have no transition.

An upcoming auction at Bonhams & Butterfields of Marilyn Monroe memoribilia was the assignment yesterday.

Well, okay not my assignment. My assignment was to shadow my fellow photog Nick Mercado and coach him on the edit system.

Let me tell you, the shadow gig can be pretty easy if the shadowee is up to speed on the system and just needs someone there to answer questions if they hit a bump in the road.

Yesterday was easy. On an easy day, I can stand outside of the truck and just patiently nudge people (OMFG, JUST HIT CONTROL-Z!) in the right direction. It's also not unusual for me to have time to juggle tech support phone calls from other crews while I'm shadowing.

Can you hear me now?

This isn't exactly the career path I thought I'd chosen. No problem, (meh) I can handle it.

Speaking from experience, there are far worse assignments (hellooo, I.E., I'm looking at you!) and one of the biggest benefits I enjoy from the training gig is the opportunity to snap a few still pictures without having to juggle the video camera with my still camera.

It always feels great to be surrounded by photographic opportunities and actually have a moment to think about what I want to shoot. Covering a news story, we often have to follow the action and just get the shot. Composition, angles, sequencing, all that has to be second nature because we often don't have time to breathe, let alone think.

In a split second, we have to know what "is" the most important shot.

So, it's kind of nice to sometimes not have that pressure and still be able to witness the parts of our job that are a little less than ordinary. It's even icing on the cake when I can snap a picture and share it.

In the photo above, those are fishnet stockings. Fishnet stockings actually worn by Marilyn Monroe. A lot of people went through their day on Tuesday and didn't get to see that for themselves. That might not be the best example, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.

I'm going to work now. There's no telling where I might wind up today and I'm completely happy about that.


What about world domination? Gee, I still intend to take over the world, but until that happens, this'll do.
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dkgoodman said...

Can I call you Lamont? :)

beFrank said...

I'm sorry,what? I was clouding my own mind for a moment.

BellaKarma said...

You did swipe some memorabilia to add to my collection, right? Preferably, the LP. I just found a place to store 500+ albums in our new living room -- and need to find another place for the other 200+ -- but I can find a place for ONE more.

Hannah said...
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Lenslinger said...

This single post is a treasure. Might I expound?

beFrank said...

bellakarma - Had I known you were such a fan of the fabulous M. Monroe, I might have risked incarceration to snag a souvenir for your collection. Next time.

lenslinger - By all means, feel free. Expound away.