Sunday, June 08, 2008

From the Station Chief:

Against all odds, the North Carolina mission was accomplished. Details to follow.

Sorry if that sounds a bit cloak and daggerish, but I'm reading Tom Clancy.
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Horonto said...

You should give your North Carolina Mission a code name like Tom would.

Target Tar Heel

Search for a full set of teeth

Humidity Hunt

lomara said...

Cant' wait to hear more!

I was in NC a few weeks ago. They move at a different speed out there.

Granite Chief said...

Welcome home Chief...feeling better? Miss You!

beFrank said...

horonto - To be fair, i kind of dug it.

lomara - More to come. The adventure continues.

granite chief - Thanks. Yes, much in some ways and not so much in others ("others" being my wallet).