Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who Are You?

It was just another day at the office, but so cool.  I got an entertainment story instead of the usual death and destruction assignments.

It's not the same as actually sitting through the entire performance in a seat, but I had a absolutely awesome blast yesterday and I don't use the words absolutely and awesome together in one sentence (let alone twice) just for the dramatic effect.

My assignment involved covering a staging of "Tommy" in Hollywood happening at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre.

Loved it.  The reporter and I got to see the entire first half of their dress rehearsal and it rocked.  I'm not the biggest fan of "The Who", but I've seen the movie and I have fond memories of listening to the songs during my sometimes misspent formative years of high school and college.

Acid Queen and Pinball Wizard?  Yup, saw both tunes performed.  If I hadn't already filled my quota for "absolutely and awesome" I'd be using those words again.

It was just aweso-- (sorry) that the folks putting together the show allowed us such great access during the dress rehearsal.

If this had been an actual performance, most often we would have been ushered in and given an order to begin rolling video during the song selected by the media wranglers for the performance.  We might be given one minute of a particular song or two near the opening of the show.

This was way different (in the coolest way).

I'm talking about walking around, okay to use sticks, everything and everyone is shootable, just be considerate enough not to shoot entire songs, full freaking access.

We got to meet and interview Nona Hendryx who plays the Acid Queen.  Follow the link if you don't know the name.  Over the years, I've met quite a few impressive celebs and I'm not the most star struck person working news, but I gotta be honest, the interviews with her and fellow cast member, Ronny Drayton put a big ol' Kool-Aid smile on my face.

I took both their pictures and I shook his hand (the man's got a grip).  These are people who have been a part of the musical history that I love.

Hey, I'm usually a lot more discreet about snapping a quick still shot, but I couldn't take a chance and miss the opportunity even if I risk sounding like a dork.

"May I take you picture?  Duh-huh?"

Ronnie Drayton mentioned casually about seeing "The Who" perform "Tommy" and that's the kind of thing that just blows my mind.


It's been a long time since I had the feeling as strongly as I did yesterday.  My job is cool.  I get to see things for myself that other people only get to watch on TV.

I've had days recently where I'm tired and worn down by my job, but feel like I didn't really do anything.  Yesterday, I worked harder than I have in many months and came home feeling like an action hero.

Today I'm looking forward to going back and doing it some more. . .only somewhere else and something different.

I know.  It's sick.  I don't care.
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Florian Hollender said...

That's not sick, that's just the way it _should_ be! Making Rock&Roll out of one's job, getting excitement out of it that keeps you wanting to do more, see more, move it forward - that's awesome.

So you, feeling like an action hero coming home from work, that's the same thing I am striving for - and yes, that includes trying to put Rock&Roll into spreadsheets and powerpoints.

Rock on!

lomara said...

Wow, that's awesome! I have been wanting to see that musical for a long time. Thanks for sharing your experience with us :)