Thursday, July 31, 2008

Accidental Outings and Minor Annoyances

The day started out normal (like this post), but it took a strange turn towards the end. I'm just warning you.

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I was at Dodger Stadium (walking around the same track where I had driven my news van a couple months back, heh-heh) to cover a presentation of the officers who had been recently awarded the Medal of Valor.

Photo by Scott Mackie

It's been ages since I had a second man on an assignment. Also, I'm often running the satellite truck or being the techie trouble shooter.

I was getting to be a news photographer again and I was having a blast. Plus, it was cool that my second, Scott Mackie, does still photography and was capable of handling my camera.

Photo by Scott Mackie

He said what? Even though I'm writing up about my assignment yesterday, I'm going to have to address the elephant in the room comments made today by Chief Bratton. Here goes.


That's all I got. Celebrities and their orientation (preferences?) isn't a big deal for me. If it's any more than a gossipy curiosity for anyone, I think they have too much free time.

Photo by Scott Mackie

I just really wish the Chief had made his comment when we were interviewing him yesterday, because that must have been jaw dropping for the people who heard the comment.

Myself, I'd gotten that tid-bit of gossip from our entertainment reporter last year.

Photo by Scott Mackie

The LAPD folk got the star treatment (without the whole outing thing) and watched the game from the luxury boxes.

Scott Mackie and I paid $5.00 to eat in the Press Box. Of course you're wondering, well, what about Dodger Dogs?

Photo by Scott Mackie

Yeah, free Dodger Dogs for the credentialed media after the 5th inning. I've had my share in the past, but we hiked back to the van instead of waiting. I had a package to cut and Scott had a few more shots to take.

Photo by Scott-- no, wait, I took this one

This is where it gets weird. We had one hit in the 10PM newscast and we managed to get through that one with only a small bit of drama with a drunken midget fan (wearing an oversized Dodger baseball cap) whom I'm almost convinced was a leprechaun.

I should have taken his picture (do they even photograph?), but it got serious pretty quickly. Not that we felt threatened, but we had a liveshot approaching. Plus, it was still kind of difficult to believe that the leprechaun sized guy wasn't going to simply get bored and go away.

We quickly exhausted our nice-guy bag of tricks and were about to take his gold (I think that's how you get rid of them), but Hal Eisner who was set up for his own liveshot a few yards away, snagged a stadium security guard who chased off the leprechaun (apparently that works too).

Our midget tormentor grabbed his hat, hopped on a sweat covered troll and disappeared. He was yelling what sounded like celtic curses at us as he vanished.

Scott Mackie, but I took the shot

Our thanks to Hal Eisner. We made our slot and wrapped up the evening without any further bizzaro incidents.

I think at the next APTRA Academy (Hal's the main guy for those), there should be a workshop on dealing with mythical creatures. Maybe combine it with the "Oops, I didn't mean to say that on camera" workshop.

Gotta run.
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