Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We What?

Somebody yelled at us the other day. I was working a hate crime story in Santa Clarita with Reporter Suzie Suh and we were scoping out places for lunch near where somebody had spray painted swastikas and some choice racist sayings on cars.

You never saw the story on our news. I know because the people who make that call pulled us off the story. None of the main elements were available. The cars were gone, the victims didn't want to go on camera and the investigating law enforcement agency was cooperative, but didn't have much that they could tell us on camera about the crime.

We had lunch while they made the decision, (chili-cheeseburger and fried zuccini) then drove back to Studio City after getting the call.

We sat on the lot waiting for a breaker.

Gee, we didn't really have to wait long. We were sent to a shooting in a neighborhood near Pacoima. We rushed over and found helicopters overhead, flares lighting up the street and police and firemen were on the job.

By the way, not that I'm bitter, but I was parked on the other side of the flares where that fire unit is parked in above picture. A fireman (might have been a Captain) asked me to move.

Well, he didn't so much ask me. He ordered me to move.

I moved. As far as confrontations go, that was pretty benign, but see I'm just a teensy bit miffed because they could have parked anywhere (even much closer). That was a primo spot for me and it would have been an excellent spot for my truck if we had gone live.

Yeah, if.

The suspect gave himself up. The story made air, but they just took it from the helicopter. Also, either side of the flares didn't matter much. We were still around the corner and two blocks away from where the suspect had been holed up.

We packed it in and headed back to the station.

Sooooo, earlier while we were getting out of the van to "haz" a chili-cheeseburger for lunch up in Santa Clarita, a woman riding by in a car yelled out of the passenger seat window.


We get that on a fairly regular basis, so I was fighting the urge to flip her off. Then I realized she had said, "ROCKS" instead of "SUCKS". We don't get "ROCKS" nearly as often.

Not the complimentary verbal cheering kind.

Boy, I'm glad I didn't flip her off. That would have been inappropriate under any circumstances (and so unlike me). On this particular day, even though I'm usually full up on job satisfaction, it ended up feeling like the cheer was misplaced.

It didn't feel like we rocked. It felt like that other thing.
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turdpolisher said...

imagine that, a station that drops a story when it ain'g available. can i work for you guys?

beFrank said...

Must have been a fluke.