Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Betty White's Bucket List.

WHOOP! It's a writing day for me, so I have even less time to get something blog posted.  I'm going to rush to Hollywood and find a quiet table at Starbucks or somewhere I can grab a bite for lunch and fire up the laptop.  I'm still holding onto some hope that I might actually work out a routine that'll help me be a smidge more productive on the writing.

Anyway. . .

The TV Academy honored "Golden Girl" Betty White last week.  I covered the event with Entertainment Reporter Christina McLarty (who is now blogging for the station BTW).

I'm not one to gush, but I don't mind telling you I was quite impressed by the MTM cast.

Betty White is hilarious.  She, Ed Asner-- shucks, every one of the surviving leads (R.I.P. Ted Knight) seemed completely fearless and most were really funny.  That's not so surprising given the quality of their careers.

What was interesting to note, was that all were completely gracious and accomodating in dealing with the media arrival line.

There's a good possibility that other people didn't have the same experience I had, but to me, they were impressive in making us feel appreciated.  You know, that doesn't happen often.

I wish more TV and Movie stars had as much class.

They actually let us cross the velvet rope (or yellow tape in this case) to do one on one interviews with the stars in less harsh light.

That was nice.

Of course, a few cookies and maybe some bottled water might have also been nice to have available in the program pool feed room, but that's on the TV Academy.

It was an interesting assignment.  Not much on adrenaline, but nice.

Ed Asner's line about Betty White's only failing being that she's never slept with him made air in the package we put together.  Betty White's later comment expressing her preference in wanting to "do" Robert Redford didn't quite clear the decency hurdle.

I saw the look in her eyes and she said it with very convincing sincerity.  Ed Asner was probably kidding.  Betty White?  Uhm, she might not have been kidding.

I wonder if Robert Redford is, you know, like available?  I just think it would be so cool if she got her shot.
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