Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fry It Up, Baby!

It could have been a lot worse.  Last Friday night I helped out the crew covering the opening day of the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona.

I mentioned on Friday how alarmed I was over having to park the news van behind a beer vendor.  I'm not ashamed to tell you, it was through my own sheer willpower that there wasn't an unfortunate incident.

For their future safety reference, I let the Fair folks know how close to catastrophe they were cutting it.

The thing is, I really could have used a beer.  What with all the fried things I sampled.  That's what a fair is all about you know.  Getting to put away some stuff that's been fried.  I think the trend started with the deeep fried Twinkie, but that's pretty much just run of the mill in this deep fried day and age.

Here's a rundown of what we managed to sample (and keep down).

Fried avocado?  okay, I didn't try it myself, but my photographer brother, Dolores, managed to take a nibble.  She wasn't impressed, but I think this is the kind of thing you need to have as a side dish.  Not something you should try to make into an entree.

My very own first bit of greasy goodness came in the form of a deep fried White Castle cheeseburger.  Well, it sure needed ketchup, but otherwise edible.


Still, I wish I had caught it before they deep fried it.  That might have been better for me.

Having roots in the South, it's never been a matter of "if" I'd ever try frog legs, it's simply been a matter of "when".

The "when" was Friday night just after our first liveshot.  The healthy appetizing appearance of the fried food wasn't likely going to last until the next hit. We'd obviously need to restock, so all the visual aid snackage was up for grabs.

How was it?  Son of a gun, as a matter of fact, it does taste like chicken.

Next up, the deep fried Pop-Tart was sweet and gooey, but I found it swung too far into the OVER-SWEET range.

A tall glass of milk might have helped cut some of the sweet.  As it was, you could get the same satisfaction out of eating a handful of sugar right out of the bag.

Watch somebody steals the idea and has it for sale next year--  Oh, wait, isn't that what Pixie-Sticks are?

Okay, my hands down-blue ribbon-favorite deep fried thing of the night had to be-- drum roll, please. . .


. . .The Fried Oreo Cookies.

Similar to the Pop Tart, but they didn't send me as quickly into a sugar coma.  Also, they were bite sized and I could just have one. . .or two.

(It would have been four, but I wrapped them up and they actually made the trip home.  I split them with Dellis, who didn't appreciate me screwing with her healthy diet, but still ate them anyway.)

All together, a nice night in news.  I was worried that the fried medly of food might give even my photographer's constitution some trouble.  No worries.

I was able to keep everything down except for my colesterol.

Let's all be thankful the Fair is only once a year.
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turdpolisher said...

love me some frog legs. what do they do with the torso? never see it on the menu anywhere.

and fried oreos. . .nothing quite like it.

wait a week before checking your cholerterol.