Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Minutes of Rapture

We all love Anita Baker, right? It wasn't like getting to see the entire show, but I did get to see her two opening songs at her Wave Fest performance at the Greek Theatre on Friday.

At concerts, if we don't get a audio/video feed backstage, it's common practice to let us shoot parts (maybe up to a minute) of the first couple of songs in a musical performance. They obviously just don't want the entire performance recorded.

I'd show you a still picture of the concert, but boy they were watching me like a hawk. I managed to sneak a quick shot before the curtain came up, but was turned down flat when I asked to get a keepsake shot.

Strangely, I saw dozens of cell phone cameras and quite a few pocket digital cameras as I was being escorted out after getting my two minutes of video.

Well, I guess fuzzy recordings are okay these days.

But I'm sure nobody wants to hear me gripe about my working conditions. Especially when I'm covering events where people wouldn't mind trading places with me. I just wanted to point out that Friday was cool. Not a difficult day at all, just setting up Christina McLarty with a couple of liveshot and being the second man for my fellow photog, Dolores Gillham

Last year we covered the same concert and had fun. Got invited into the VIP lounge and felt like we were well taken care of by the PR types.

Sure, I understand that "fun" really isn't guaranteed as part of my work day, but pretty often I do get to have fun covering the news.

Maybe I need to admit to myself that it had been a difficult week. Lots of murders and violence. The day before had been pretty cool with the whole James Bond car and Bond Girls event.

Usually after a cool day like that, you want to keep your head down because the assignment desk sometimes likes to balance out the karmic harmony of the universe and really won't mind sticking it to you with a suck assignment.

Wave Fest and the James Bond stuff would be considered by most people to be the exact polar opposite of suck assignments. . .of course, now I'm worried about what's in store for me today when I go into work.

Maybe "worried" is too strong of a word. Any day I go to work, I have a pretty good chance of getting assigned to a story that will put a smile on my face. Even when I have a bad day, the next day always has the potential of being something better. Not a lot of people can say that.

I haven't been able to say it much this past year, but I love my job.
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Tor Hershman said...

If you REALLY " for the truth" and get paid to take photos, rather than clean toilets (as I do), you must be SUPER GOOD IN THE SACK.

Oh wait, ain't nobody, no way, no how, knows how to be that GOOD!

Stay on groovin' safari,

beFrank said...

Uh, okay.