Thursday, October 16, 2008


Had some edit computer issues last night and the security at the event had to be convinced to let us set up our live shot in a way that made sense (don't get me started on that).

Otherwise, it was a very cool night at work.

What's not to love about being a witness to music industry history? Not in those exact words (heh, more like, effing cool), but that's what was running around in my head last night at the re-opening of the Hollywood Palladium.

It's been years since the last time I was inside the place and even then I believe I've covered the Tattoo Convention and church services more than I've been inside for music acts.

A fresh coat of paint and some serious structural work on the main ballroom has made the place look very classy.


It wasn't too long ago that our station was next door neighbors with the Palladium and I saw many a homeless person setting up camp in the alcoves outside of the building.

This isn't the first redeveloped property in Hollywood. It seems the area has ups and downs in maintaining an upscale image.

Good luck to them. I enjoy the lights and photo opportunities of the area and it would be great to see it maintain a level of success.

Having not been born yet, I couldn't make the original opening. Years from now, maybe I'll be able to look back at these shots and compare how everything looked on the night of the grand re-opening.

Pretty cool.

Fires early in the week and Hollywood red carpet event. It's only Thursday, but I'm kind of on a roll.

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dkgoodman said...

Those are some awesome shots, especially being night shots. My favorite is the hot chick at the bottom. From the motion blur, I'm guessing that was like a two second exposure? Yet she came out fairly sharp. Nicely done! Was that handheld? What prompted you to tilt the camera? I like how the horizon goes one way, and the bars go the other way, balancing each other out.

I saw this on Flickr this morning and went, Wow!

beFrank said...

Thanks for the "Wow".

It was handheld with a Canon 17-85mm IS lens. Exposaure was 1/4 sec at f/5.6 and ISO was 1600. The cars were moving pretty fast and Sharon Tay (the reporter) was just getting ready to go on live.

I liked the green bars and the angle. The cars were just a happy bonus that actually made the shot.

dkgoodman said...

1/4 second? That yellow thing (bus?) looks like it went clear across the frame in 1/4 second. Actually, it looks like it went, what, maybe 10 or 20 feet in 1/4 second... which by my calculations is about 30 to 60 MPH, so I guess that makes sense.

Anyway... great shot. :)